The Everyday Rice Cooker

Author: Diane Phillips
Publisher: Chronicle Books
ISBN: 9781452135823
Size: 20.87 MB
Format: PDF
View: 93

For those who think a rice cooker is a one-hit wonder, it's time to think again. Lemon Chicken Soup with Orzo? Mixed Mushroom and Bulgur Risotto? Sausage and Broccoli Rabe with Farro? Yes, all can be made in a rice cooker! This practical cookbook details methods for preparing basic grains and collects 85 soups, stews, salads, side dishes, and complete meals, including lots of options for vegetarians and pescatarians. And the information on how to use a rice cooker to its fullest advantage—from basic, no-frills models to high-tech fuzzy-logic machines—makes it easy to put satisfying, delicious meals on the weeknight dinner table with minimal effort and maximum speed.

The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook

Author: Beth Hensperger
ISBN: 9781458769480
Size: 12.31 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
View: 75

Rice cookers are perfect for how we cook today - versatile and convenient, they have one-button technology, don't take up much counter space, and are a breeze to clean. And they can do so much more than produce foolproof rice, beans, and grains. The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook shows you how to make everything from Thai Curried Rice to Chocolate Pots de Creme with Poached Fresh Cherries, from Breakfast Barley to Turkey Chili with Baby White Beans. This edition is in two volumes. The second volume ISBN is 9781458769589.

The Everything Rice Cooker Cookbook

Author: Hui Leng Tay
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781440502347
Size: 10.23 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
View: 77

Think a rice cooker is just for rice? Think again! While it’s true that a rice cooker can save time when cooking rice, you can also cook hundreds of dishes in a rice cooker--and author and food blogger Hui Leng Tay can show you how. Inside you’ll discover how to cook 300 delicious and versatile meals in your rice cooker, including: Mini Indonesian Potato Cakes Coconut Chicken Soup Seafood Congee Spicy Italian Sausage Pasta Garlic-Infused Glass Noodles with Tiger Shrimp Sweet Corn Pancakes Toasted Pita Pizza From breakfast porridges to noodle entrées, this cookbook has it all. Whether you’re looking for new ways to utilize your trusty ol’ rice cooker or experiencing this resourceful appliance for the first time, you will delight in these recipes for Asian favorites, American comfort food, and more!

Rice Cooker Creations

Author: Jayne E. Chang
Publisher: Silverback Books
ISBN: 1596372303
Size: 16.12 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
View: 17

Rice cookers can also cook hot cereals, desrts, soups, stews, poached fruit, steamed vegatables, and meat. Here are 40 recipes to help you get the most out of your rice cooker and put healthy meals on the table.

Rice Cooker Recipes Made Easy

Author: Brigid Treloar
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
ISBN: 4805311576
Size: 19.81 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
View: 35

Rice Cooker Recipes Made Easy shows you how to prepare delicious and healthy meals that are easy, efficient and economical. Rice cooking is a healthy, economical and fast method of cooking. Almost anything can be cooked in a rice cooker—from soups, stews and pastas to vegetables, eggs and desserts. Versatile and durable, rice cookers not only cook food but also keep it warm and effectively reheat leftovers. With straightforward instructions and mouthwatering photographs, Rice Cooker Recipes Made Easy will not only show you how to perfect rice, but includes delicious recipes for a variety of meals from Paella, Chicken Laksa, and Caramelized Spareribs to Shrimp, Eggplant Curry, and Fruit Flan. This book is a must for anyone who owns a rice cooker or who is thinking of purchasing one. Delicious rice cooker recipes include: Quick and Easy Rice Salads Cinnamon Apple Oatmeal Easy Tomato Sauce Pasta Caramelized Pork Spareribs Quick and Easy Tacos Marsala Sauce Chicken Seafood Wonton Dumplings Fresh Asparagus with Parmesan Sweet Rice Pudding

Rice Cooker Recipes

Author: Dexter Poin
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1500896195
Size: 18.45 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
View: 20

Amazon best seller recipient both in paperback and eBook formats 2014 RICE - RICE - BABY! 50+ DELICIOUS RICE COOKER RECIPES 100% vegan approved! "If you are searching for quick and easy, all while eating as healthy as possible, then you have found the right cookbook my friends." It does not get any easier than a rice cooker. And it does not get any healthier than vegan recipes. Check out some of these delicious recipes inside of this cookbook: *Corn and Peas Rice *Red Beans Rice *Kale Pasta *Yummy Oatmeal *Spicy Pilaf with sprouts *Rice Cooker Sushi *Rose flavored rice pudding *Veggie rice *Black bean soup *Yellow dal *Brown rice with chickpeas *Banana coconut sticky desert *Couscous with kale and potatoes *Quinoa with almonds and corn *Mushroom and black bean rice *Coconut scented rice with roasted almonds *Peanut Rice with bell peppers *Lentils kale and Miso soup *Apple and raisin porridge rice *Creamy mushroom soup *Spicy brown rice wraps *Spicy and sour sweet potatoes *Dal Sag (lentil curry) *Rice chili stew *Date and Oatmeal porridge with almonds *Low-fat Spanish risotto *Cashew flavored Cherry rice *Mexican red lentil stew *Chinese stir fried rice *Hawaiian rice *Leek and potato soup *Spicy vegetable curry *Noodle soup *Lemon flavored vermicelli *Lentil sandwich with barbecue sauce *Yummy vegetable momos *Cilantro and lime rice *Tangy tomato pasta *Pumpkin and baby spinach risotto *Wild mushroom rice *Breakfast burritos *Potato wraps *Chipotle tacos *Black eyed peas *Potato sandwich with mint paste *Bottle gourd with honey and nuts *Peas Pilaf *Taco Soup *Sweet coconut dumplings *Quinoa with almonds, cranberries and apricots These recipes are 100% vegan approved! But this does not mean that vegetarians, and even meat eaters will not enjoy them as well. Eating healthy does not have to be a long tedious task. Cooking your food in a rice cooker is the simplest way to cook BAR NONE! Scroll on back up and over to the right to the orange buy now button and order your copy today. There is also an eBook version of this recipe book for those of you who prefer a digital copy. "I hope that you enjoy the recipes and I look forward to conversing with you on the inside! Carpe Diem Dexter"