Purposeful Retirement

Author: Hyrum W. Smith
Publisher: Mango Media Inc.
ISBN: 9781633535022
Size: 13.37 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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Retirement and good living Are you getting ready to simplify life and move from the world of work to a life of retirement and good living ─ to enter a happy retirement? Retirement and good living: The author of Purposeful Retirement, Hyrum W. Smith, is one of the original creators of the popular Franklin Day Planner, the former Chairman and CEO of Franklin Covey Co., and the recognized “Father of Time Management”. In this book, Hyram shows you how you can move from your world of work, simplify life and enter what can be the most satisfying phase of your life ─ a new world of purposeful retirement and good living. Aging well and a happy retirement: You have had a successful career by almost all measures and now you are concerned about aging well and looking toward a happy retirement. You are definitely not a couch potato. • How are you going to create a retirement that is meaningful and inspiring for your second act? • Can you simplify life? • Is there a way to make intelligent and anxiety free retirement planning choices? • Can you learn from the lives and experiences of people who have found their pathway to happy retirement? • What are their secrets to aging well and a happy retirement? Retirement guide: For four decades, Hyrum W. Smith has been empowering people to effectively govern their personal and professional lives. An award winning author, distinguished speaker, and successful businessman, Hyrum offers a tested and actionable retirement guide to finding that perfect retirement niche. In his book, Hyrum enables you to map the step-by-step route to a retirement that is not just enjoyable but is also deeply fulfilling on a personal level. Welcome to your new life of retirement and good living: This distinguished author, speaker, and businessman combines wit and enthusiasm with a gift for communicating compelling principles that inspire lasting personal change. Hyrum shares a lifetime of wisdom in this powerful retirement guide to discovering your true passion, re-imagining your life, and trying new possibilities. Welcome to a new life of retirement and good living ─ to a purposeful retirement.

Purposeful Retirement

Author: Hyrum W. Smith
Publisher: Mango
ISBN: 1633535037
Size: 17.54 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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The Father of Time Management shows how you can move from the world of work and enter what can be the most satisfying phase of your life. Filled with tips, prompts and suggestions for an inspired second act, Hyrum Smith s book speaks to the largest generation of retirees in history 8000 Americans are retiring every day. 76 million Baby Boomers are on the cusp of retirement According to Census.gov, 236 million people are reaching 65 or older in Europe and Latin America alone FranklinCovey Planners are the #1 organizer in the world Hyrum W. Smith has sold millions of books and is the preeminent expert on self-management"

Your Retirement Masterplan

Author: Jim Green
Publisher: How To Books Ltd
ISBN: 1857039874
Size: 14.38 MB
Format: PDF, Kindle
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1. The secret of the three little boxes; 2. Establishing the keys to a happy and successful retirement; 3. How to set goals for your new way of life; 4. Why it's never too late to learn something new; 5. Why getting up to speed in cyberspace opens up new vistas; 6. Why keeping your hand in part time can prove beneficial; 7.

What Color Is Your Parachute For Retirement Second Edition

Author: John E. Nelson
Publisher: Ten Speed Press
ISBN: 9781607743316
Size: 10.55 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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Plan Now for the Life You Want Today’s economic realities have reset our expectations of what retirement is, yet there’s still the promise for what it can be: a life stage filled with more freedom and potential than ever before. Given the new normal, how do you plan for a future filled with prosperity, health, and happiness? As a companion to What Color Is Your Parachute?, the world’s best-selling career book, What Color Is Your Parachute? for Retirement offers both a holistic, big-picture look at these years as well as practical tools and exercises to help you build a life full of security, vitality, and community. This second edition contains updates throughout, including a section on Social Security, an in-depth exercise on values and how they inform your retirement map, and the one-of-a-kind resource for organizing the sea of information on finances and mental and physical health: the Retirement Well-Being Profile. More than a guide on where to live, how to stay active, or which investments to choose, What Color Is Your Parachute? for Retirement helps you develop a detailed picture of your ideal retirement, so that—whether you’re planning retirement or are there already—you can take a comprehensive approach to make the most of these vital years. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Psychology Of Executive Retirement From Fear To Passion

Author: Doug Treen
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 9780595492824
Size: 18.23 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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Retiring professionals and executives need to prepare psychologically for retirement, not just financially. This book helps you understand and overcome the stress of losing your role, power, status and self-identity. Also, how to: * find yourself and reach your full potential outside of your job * prevent the retirement shock and its health risks of shortening your life * avoid a traditional retirement of passivity * take control and meet your highest needs * transform your talent into a new self-leadership * have a creative retirement through purpose and passion To order: www.executiveretirement4u.com [email protected]

Create Your Retirement

Author: Barbara M. Walker
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 9781553698142
Size: 13.30 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Why this book? Most books on Retirement are really about Financial Planning or Estate Planning. Not this book! This book is about creating a fulfilling life in retirement; it is a crossover book between self-help and retirement. Create Your Retirement: 55 Valuable Ways to Empower the Rest of Your Life entices people to set out their hidden dreams, to reveal their lost hopes and to admit their secret desires, and then to plan a life to include them! This book encourages risk taking, honesty, and trusting yourself and others to make a fulfilling life in retirement. This book is aimed at those already retired, and it entices the Baby Boomers who are now retiring in ever increasing numbers. These Baby Boomers have had everything, done everything and will continue to be a driving force in their retirement. They also have a deep hunger to be fulfilled. Many of them have led fast, hectic, shallow lives and they have never explored their souls or their dreams. This book invites them to do both! Create Your Retirement: 55 Valuable Ways to Empower the Rest of Your Life encompasses my own experience. I have retired twice AND I am having the time of my life doing the things I've always wanted to do - following my dreams! I know that retirement can be the most fulfilling time of life. My coaching clients have left their stereotypical thinking behind, thrown off their insecurities and fears to do great things! They have become computer literate, published authors, public speakers and lay preachers. Some have traveled to places they had always dreamed about, others have stepped into roles with family and friends in important new ways that have given them a sense of self-worth and deep feelings of fulfillment. Retirement is a time of living and doing exciting things; it is a time of loving and helping others, and it is about finding the 'real you' within and manifesting that in all its glory! For more information about the book please visit www.bmwalker.com

You Only Live Once

Author: Jason Vitug
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 9781119267362
Size: 17.41 MB
Format: PDF
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"You Only Live Once redefines the millennial mantra into a practice of mindful financial decision-making to engineer one's dream lifestyle. There are numerous books, seminars and apps created to address the issue of financial illiteracy but none highlights the fundamental reason why financial knowledge is important. There is a growing movement among personal finance bloggers and educators to refocus financial education from the "how" to the "why." It's important to address the inner motivations and habits that are preventing many from living their dreams"--