Maxwell S Enduring Legacy

Author: Malcolm Longair
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9781316033418
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The Cavendish Laboratory is arguably the most famous physics laboratory in the world. Founded in 1874, it rapidly gained a leading international reputation through the researches of the Cavendish professors beginning with Maxwell, Rayleigh, J. J. Thomson, Rutherford and Bragg. Its name will always be associated with the discoveries of the electron, the neutron, the structure of the DNA molecule and pulsars, but these are simply the tip of the iceberg of outstanding science. The physics carried out in the laboratory is the central theme of the book and this is explained in reasonably non-technical terms. The research activities are set in their international context. Generously illustrated, with many pictures of the apparatus used and diagrams from the original papers, the story is brought right up to date with descriptions of the science carried out under the leadership of the very different personalities of Mott, Pippard and Edwards.

Theoretische Konzepte Der Physik

Author: Malcolm S. Longair
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
ISBN: 9783642761119
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"Dies ist kein Lehrbuch der theoretischen Physik, auch kein Kompendium der Physikgeschichte ... , vielmehr eine recht anspruchsvolle Sammlung historischer Miniaturen zur Vergangenheit der theoretischen Physik - ihrer "Sternstunden", wenn man so will. Frei vom Zwang, etwas Erschöpfendes vorlegen zu müssen, gelingt dem Autor etwas Seltenes: einen "lebendigen" Zugang zum Ideengebäude der modernen Physik freizulegen, ... zu zeigen, wie Physik in praxi entsteht... Als Vehikel seiner Absichten dienen dem Autor geschichtliche Fallstudien, insgesamt sieben an der Zahl. Aus ihnen extrahiert er das seiner Meinung nach Lehrhafte, dabei bestrebt, mathematische Anachronismen womöglich zu vermeiden... Als Student hätte ich mir diese gescheiten Essays zum Werden unserer heutigen physikalischen Weltsicht gewünscht. Sie sind originell, didaktisch klug und genieren sich auch nicht, von der Faszination zu sprechen, die ... von der Physik ausgeht. Unnötig darauf hinzuweisen, das sie ein gründliches "konventionelles" Studium weder ersetzen wollen noch können, sie vermögen aber, dazu zu ermuntern." #Astronomische Nachrichten (zur englischen Ausgabe)#1

The Long Shadow Of The British Empire

Author: J. Milner-Thornton
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9781137013088
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This book explores the lived experiences of formerly colonized people in the privacy of their homes, communities, workplaces, and classrooms, and the associations created from these social interactions. It examines the centrality of gender and social identity in the formation of non-western people in the British Empire.

Guardians Of The Dream

Author: Paul Hsu
Publisher: Maxwell Pub Llc
ISBN: 0986073504
Size: 11.32 MB
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WHAT IS THE STATE OF THE AMERICAN DREAM? Is opportunity still available for those who work hard and play by the rules? Guardians of the Dream offers an inspiring view of our nation's promise, which for the past two centuries has been championed by the legion of America's immigrants. Paul Hsu, a business leader and entrepreneur who has built several successful companies, counters the negative narratives by recalling his own journey and those of others who have found the path to opportunity in a country that is like no other. Born in Taiwan, Hsu came to the United States as a young man and found a land where anything was possible. He writes movingly of his family's experience, recalling that "our lives were often hard, but we didn't feel put upon. We didn't think our struggle was unfair, because my wife and I knew that it was only one step along the road. It took some time, but we succeeded. We had a belief that America had great opportunities and that if we made sacrifices and stayed