Leonhard Euler And The Bernoullis

Author: M. B. W. Tent
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781439865484
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"Leonhard Euler and the Bernoullis is a fascinating tale of the Bernoulli family and Euler's association with them. Successful merchants in the 16th and 17th centuries, the Bernoullis were driven out of Antwerp during the persecution of the Huguenots and settled first in Frankfurt, and then in Basel, where one of the most remarkable mathematical dynasties evolved with Jacob, Johann, and Daniel Bernoulli the most prominent among them. Euler, fortunate to have had Johann Bernoulli as a tutor, quickly rose to prominence in the academies of Berlin and St. Petersburg, and became the most prolific and profound mathematician that ever lived. The story of these remarkable men, their great ambitions and dedication to their science-often against parental authority-is skillfully told by the author. Refreshing fictional dialogue is interspersed throughout into an otherwise accurate historical scenario. The book is intended for the young adult audience of middle school and early high school ages, but surely will also appeal to a general audience, with or without mathematical background." --Walter Gautschi, Purdue University

Briefwechsel Von Leonhard Euler Mit Johann I Bernoulli Und Niklaus I Bernoulli

Author: Leonhard Euler
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
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This is Volume 2 of the envisaged ten-book series and the fourth work to be released to date. It contains complete transcripts of the letters - the majority were composed in Latin - which Euler exchanged with Johann I Bernoulli and Nikolaus I Bernoulli; full translation of all letters; and also critical, historico scientific commentaries. The present edition is uniquely comprehensive, taking into account all known manuscripts. Central topics are: analysis, differential equations, calculus of variations, mechanics, hydromechanics, hydraulics and theory of planetary motions.

Briefwechsel Mit Daniel Bernoulli

Author: Leonhard Euler
Publisher: Birkhäuser
ISBN: 3319339893
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Im Jahre 1727 ging der erst zwanzigjährige Leonhard Euler an die neu gegründete Akademie der Wissenschaften in St. Petersburg, vermittelt durch seinen Basler Lehrer Johann I Bernoulli und dessen Sohn Daniel (1700–1782), der dort bereits wirkte. Eulers Briefwechsel mit Daniel Bernoulli intensivierte sich, als dieser 1733 nach Basel zurückkehrte, und wurde auch nach Eulers Wechsel an die Berliner Akademie im Jahre 1741 fortgesetzt. Im Zusammenhang mit der Publikation von Johann Bernoullis Hydraulik 1742 und mit einem Preisausschreiben der Berliner Akademie 1746 kam es zu Spannungen; zwischen 1750 und 1767 wurden nur noch wenige Briefe ausgetauscht, meist vermittelt durch Bernoullis Bruder Johann II und dessen Sohn Johann III. Mit Eulers Rückkehr nach Russland und der von ihm vermittelten Wiederherstellung von Daniel Bernoullis Verhältnis zur Petersburger Akademie wurde die Korrespondenz wieder aufgenommen – zunehmend durch Eulers Sohn Johann Albrecht und seinen aus Basel stammenden Assistenten Niklaus Fuss. Die insgesamt 191 Briefe dieser Korrespondenzen und einige dazugehörige Dokumente – darunter Daniel Bernoullis kurze Autobiographie von 1776 – werden hier zum Teil erstmals veröffentlicht: mit Übersetzungen vieler Stücke in modernes Deutsch, Kommentaren zu den darin angesprochenen Fragestellungen – vor allem aus Physik und Astronomie – und einem ausführlichen Registerteil. Der Band bietet wesentliche Einblicke in die Biographien zweier grosser Wissenschafter und in das akademische Leben ihrer Zeit. ----- In 1727 Leonhard Euler, at the age of twenty, joined the recently founded Imperial Russian Academy of Sciences; his appointment had been negotiated by his teacher Johann I Bernoulli at Basel and Johann's son Daniel (1700–1782), who already worked at St. Petersburg. Euler's correspondence with Daniel Bernoulli intensified when Bernoulli returned to Basel in 1733 and was continued after Euler's move to Berlin in 1741. In the context of the publication of Johann Bernoulli's Hydraulics (1742) and a prize competition of the Berlin Academy in 1746 tension arose between the two; from 1750 to 1767 only few letters were exchanged, most of them by Daniel's brother Johann II and nephew Johann III acting as intermediaries. After Euler's return to Russia and the re-establishment of Daniel Bernoulli's membership in the Petersburg Academy that he mediated, the correspondence was resumed, now increasingly through Euler's son Johann Albrecht and his Basel-born assistant Niklaus Fuss. The 191 letters of these correspondences and some related documents – including Daniel Bernoulli's short autobiography from 1776 – are being edited here, partly for the first time: with German translations of many pieces, commentaries on the physical and astronomical topics addressed in the letters, and extensive indices. The volume offers important insights into the biographies of two great scientists and into the academic life of their time.