How To Defend Yourself Against Alien Abduction

Author: Ann Druffel
Publisher: Three Rivers Press
ISBN: 9780307555571
Size: 15.43 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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In 1988 Ann Druffel, who has researched UFOs for 40 years, discovered a little-known fact that had been drowned in abduction hysteria--documented evidence that people have successfully fended off attack by the "greys," the short, big-eyed aliens now familiar through so much popular media. Using her database of 250 case studies, including 70 "resisters," Druffel has ascertained 9 techniques that witnesses use to ward off alien entities and even break off abductions in progress. And perhaps even more astonishing, this evidence points to the possible true identity of the greys and their link to the abducting entities of myth and folklore. Alien Abduction Resistance Techniques Mental Struggle: Block their mind control Physical Struggle: Fight back Righteous Anger: Summon your inviolate rights Protective Rage: Guard your loved ones Support from Family Members: Seek strength in numbers Intuition: Sense them coming Metaphysical Methods: Create a personal shield Appeal to Spiritual Personages: Get help from on high Repellents: Use time-tested fend-off substances Complete with hair-raising true tales of courage and illustrated with eye-witness sketches, How to Defend Yourself Against Alien Abduction is the only book with step-by-step instructions on what to do--and not to do--if aliens come knocking on your door. From the Trade Paperback edition.

How To Defend Yourself Against Alien Abduction

Author: Ann Druffel
Publisher: Piatkus Books
ISBN: 0749919418
Size: 13.97 MB
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It is possible to ward off attack by aliens. Ann Druffel has uncovered dozens of cases where people have managed to fend off abductions by using one of the simple techniques revealed here for the first time:-Mental struggle-Physical struggle-Righteous anger-Protective rage-Support from family members-Intuition-Metaphysical methods-Appeal to spiritual personages-RepellentsPacked with eye-witness accounts of alien attack, new research and previously unpublished material, How to Defend Yourself Against Alien Abduction is the only book with step-by-step instructions on what to do - and not do - if you find yourself the target of an alien attack...

The Alien Invasion Survival Handbook

Author: W.H. Mumfrey
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 9781440307881
Size: 16.24 MB
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Resistance is Your Prime Directive Have you ever experienced a sensation of missing time? Have you ever found a metallic implant somewhere in your body? It's likely that you're a victim of alien abduction, and you don't even know it. Aliens are among us. While the true intentions of these mysterious intruders from outer space are unknown, there's no doubt that their actions are nefarious. It's your right - your civic responsibility - to learn the skills necessary to protect yourself, your loved ones and ultimately your planet. Aliens want to whisk you away in the night to perform terrifying experiments on you. Isn't it time you learn how use your MP3 player to defend yourself from their paralyzing powers? Shouldn't you know how to evade the pursuit of a flying saucer? Wouldn't you sleep better at night knowing some proven hand-to-hand combat techniques guaranteed to stop your extraterrestrial foe in its tracks? Make no mistake - our world is under attack and this handbook may be the only thing standing between the human race and total annihilation. Read it and join the resistance.

Ancient Serpent Gods

Author: B. E. Lewis
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1523958766
Size: 10.38 MB
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"B.E. Lewis offers some of the most compelling evidence ever presented by an author on the gray and reptilian presence. We can't ignore that something inexplicable has happened to millions of people who claim to be abducted. Are we dealing with invisible beings like the Jinn, extraterrestrials, dimension beings or terrestrial beings that have lived on Earth for millions of years? Finally, a new theory!" - Ann Druffel, bestselling author of How to Defend Yourself Against Alien Abduction and The Tujunga Canyon Contacts Thousands of people vanish each year. Have they been abducted by reptilian beings that have lived inside our planet for millions of years? Have they altered our DNA? Is this why ancient worldwide civilizations worshiped serpent gods? Discover why Dulce Base security officer Thomas Castello, Dulce geologist Phil Schneider and CIA Pilot and Area 51 engineer John Lear tried to warn us about the reptilian underground presence. This original book, Ancient Serpent Gods by B. E. Lewis, deals an astounding blow to all our preconceived notions of human and dinosaur evolution. Did a species of dinosaurs actually survive an extinction event 65 million years ago, did humans exist with them, and did they possess nuclear warfare millions of years ago? Has Earth always been dominated by an intelligent dinosaur known to ancient civilizations as Serpent Gods? Discover how ancient texts describe nuclear wars, serpent gods and how they mated with human women. Did they genetically create Homo sapiens and other Earth species? Now Lewis offers compelling evidence the dinosaur didn't vanish, but evolved into what millions of abductees identify as Gray and Reptilian aliens. Witnesses and abductees tell of hybrids in underground bases, humans used for experimentation, and grays and reptilians who work with our military and governments in secret. Could abductions by these gray/reptilian beings account for thousands who have vanished without a trace? If so, this could be the greatest secret of all time, the one that has been kept from humanity for eons: Serpent Gods are TERRESTRIAL, not extraterrestrial and have controlled us for eons. This book will challenge your beliefs on religion, evolution, aliens and UFOs and their agenda for humanity. Are you ready for the shocking truth?


Author: Ann Druffel
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin
ISBN: 0926524585
Size: 20.71 MB
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The authorised biography of Dr James E McDonald's research into the UFO phenomenon. McDonald worked in the 1950s and 1960s to raise the UFO issue in the scientific community as a serious problem. This book documents his brave fight for justice and truth, and his untimely and mysterious end. McDonald is a largely forgotten hero in the long and important battle to uncover the truth of the alien presence on Earth. With this landmark work, Ann Druffel places McDonald clearly where he belongs among the great pioneers of UFOlogy.

They Know Us Better Than We Know Ourselves

Author: Bridget Brown
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 0814799213
Size: 16.25 MB
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Since its emergence in the 1960s, belief in alien abduction has saturated popular culture, with the ubiquitous image of the almond-eyed alien appearing on everything from bumper stickers to bars of soap. Drawing on interviews with alleged abductees from the New York area, Bridget Brown suggests a new way for people to think about the alien phenomenon, one that is concerned not with establishing whether aliens actually exist, but with understanding what belief in aliens in America may tell us about our changing understanding of ourselves and our place in the world. They Know Us Better Than We Know Ourselves looks at how the belief in abduction by extraterrestrials is constituted by and through popular discourse and the images provided by print, film, and television. Brown contends that the abduction phenomenon is symptomatic of a period during which people have come to feel increasingly divested of the ability to know what is real or true about themselves and the world in which they live. The alien abduction phenomenon helps us think about how people who feel left out create their own stories and fashion truths that square with their own experience of the world.