Summary Of Gateway To Fourline

Author: A Book a Day
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Warning This is an independent addition to Gateway To Fourline, meant to enhance your experience of the original book. If you have not yet bought the original copy, make sure to purchase it before buying this unofficial summary from aBookaDay. INTRODUCTION Everyone at some point or another has wanted to go through a doorway or portal to another world whether it is Narnia, Wonderland, or even a world we make up in our minds. College student Natalie Barns suddenly finds herself living that idea. Struggling to balance her life and financial needs, Nat jumps at a job that would help limit her stress level. Little did she know there is more to the costume shop than just costumes. Natalie is entrusted with a quest that will change the way she views the world around her and affect the future of a distant realm. Fourline is under duress as its rightful heir has disappeared. Things have gotten worse with Lord Mudug acting and regent until the heir is found. The country no longer knows peace as the Nala have been attacking humans traveling the forests more as the Sisters dwindle in numbers. Rumors are spread that the Sisters are actually helping the Nala in their attacks and have aided in the disappearance of the heir. Estos and others from Fourline are in hiding, every time they return to Fourline, they are discovered and attacked by Lord Mudug's soldiers. How is finding them and how can he be stopped? Natalie may be their only chance. ANALYSIS This analysis is meant to be used while you are reading "Gateway to Fourline." Many readers enjoy going to chapter analysis and discussion while reading to find things they may have missed, understand something better or find hidden meaning in something. The character guide provides a reference to who's who within this novel and provides connections to one another, and they are a large amount of characters. This analysis will help you fall deeper under the author's spell and elongate your time with a few favorite characters. You may even discover something about a character you didn't think about while reading. This analysis will help provide an understanding of the story the author is telling readers. It will open the world created in a new way. If you don't have a copy of "Gateway to Fourline" yet, then what are you waiting for? Pick up a copy before you get started with this analysis. You can order a copy of this novel on Amazon here. Available on PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device. (c) 2015 All Rights Reserved

Gateway To Fourline

Author: Pamela Brondos
Publisher: Amazon Children's Publishing
ISBN: 1503948358
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Years before, a gateway opened between their world and ours. Sending one young woman through may be the key to survival for the kingdom of Fourline. Strapped for cash, college student Natalie Barns agrees to take a job at a costume shop. Sure, Estos--her classmate who works in the shop--is a little odd, but Nat needs the money for her tuition. Then she stumbles through the mysterious door behind the shop--and her entire universe transforms. Discovering there's far more to Estos than she ever imagined, Nat gets swept up in an adventure to save his homeland, an incredible world filled with decaying magic, deadly creatures, and a noble resistance of exiled warriors battling dark forces. As she struggles with her role in an epic conflict and wrestles with her growing affection for a young rebel, Soris, Nat quickly learns that nothing may go as planned...and her biggest challenge may be surviving long enough to make it home.

Nach Dem Sommer

Author: Maggie Stiefvater
Publisher: script5
ISBN: 9783732001798
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Jeden Winter wartet Grace darauf, dass die Wölfe nach Mercy Falls zurückkehren - und mit ihnen der Wolf mit den goldenen Augen. Ihr Wolf.Ganz in der Nähe und doch unerreichbar, lebt Sam ein zerrissenes Leben: In der Geborgenheit seines Wolfsrudels trotzt er Eis, Kälte und Schnee, bis die Wärme des Sommers ihn von seiner Wolfsgestalt befreit. Es ist September, als Grace und Sam sich verlieben. Doch jeder Tag, der vergeht, bringt den Winter näher - und mit ihm den endgültigen Abschied. Mit ihrem Bestseller "Nach dem Sommer" schafft Maggie Stiefvater ein großartiges Liebespaar, das weltweit Millionen Leser begeistert hat. "Nach dem Sommer" ist der erste Band einer Trilogie.

The Last Remnant

Author: Pam Brondos
Publisher: Skyscape
ISBN: 1612184707
Size: 19.51 MB
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Determined to find a cure for the duozi who are infected by the Nala, Natalie returns to Fourline to fight against its evil dictator, even at the risk of her own survival.

On The Meldon Plain

Author: Pam Brondos
Publisher: Amazon Children's Publishing
ISBN: 1503953203
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Natalie Barns is falling apart. Since returning from Fourline, she's tried desperately to focus on the world in front of her--the one of classes, money, and family. But the wound in Natalie's shoulder from her final encounter with the Nala radiates pain constantly throughout her days, while her nights are tormented by terrifying dreams of the Nala--and of Soris, the rebel fighter she failed to protect. Seeking refuge from what plagues her, Natalie returns to the costume shop and discovers her wound is much more dangerous than she ever could have imagined. What she learns sets her on an inexorable path back to the kingdom of Fourline. If she's to have a chance of survival, she must confront Soris' fate and the fears that have been festering in her heart--or the Nala remnant will change her life forever.


Author: Kristina Dunker
Publisher: Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag
ISBN: 9783423412681
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Ein Sommertag, der strahlend schön beginnt und nach dem doch nichts mehr ist, wie es war – das ist der Tag, an dem Annikas Cousine Ginie verschwindet. Eben noch lagen die beiden am Baggersee in der Sonne, nun irrt Annika zusammen mit ihren Freunden durch den Gewitterregen auf der verzweifelten Suche nach Ginie, die nur mal kurz in die Büsche wollte. Was ist mit Ginie passiert? Hat ihr jemand etwas angetan? Mit der Anspannung wachsen die gegenseitigen Vorwürfe, Geschichten kommen an den Tag, von denen Annika nichts ahnte, und bald steht ein ungeheurer Verdacht im Raum: Ist jemand aus der Clique schuld an Ginies Verschwinden?