Etrusco Ritu

Author: L. Bouke van der Meer
Publisher: Peeters Pub & Booksellers
ISBN: 9042925388
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This book focuses on Etruscan private and public ritual behaviour in the last millennium BC. It is based on archaeological, epigraphical and historical sources. Topics are context, form, origins, agency, dynamics (homeostasis or change), meaning, function and the survival of rites in the Roman imperial and later periods. After an introduction to recent theories and definitions, first private rituals are traced, rites de passage like marriage, birth, perinatal burial, transition to adulthood, immersion, healing, adoption, divination and consecration. Mortuary rituals are dealt with separately in view of their private and public dimensions. Pre-burial, burial, and post-burial rites, are primarily analysed by paying attention to sets of grave-goods, and to artefacts and bones found in or near a tomb, as written sources are almost absent. Grave sets reflect, from c. 800 until c. 40 BC, the core activity first of the elite and later of the rich middle class, namely eating and wine drinking. Not only the deceased were supposed to continue this ritual in the netherworld, eating and drinking also took place in pre- and post-burial phases of funerals. This practice was important for reasons of self-repesentation, consolidation of power, and social reproduction. Finally, fragments of or quotations from sacred books, especially lost libri rituales, transmitted by Greek and Roman authors, are confronted with the evidence of recent archaeological excavations, especially in newly founded cities. Though ancient authors were biased, it will appear that their information, especially on cosmological orientation, orthogonality, mundus, sulcus primigenius, and pomerium, often has a core of truth. Most Etruscan rituals disappeared in the fourth century AD. A few, however, survived until the present day, be it in a changed way, and in different contexts.


Author: Jörg Rüpke
Publisher: C.H.Beck
ISBN: 9783406696428
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Dieses umfassende, reich bebilderte Werk zur Geschichte der antiken Religionen eröffnet einen neuen Zugang zur Alten Welt. Im Zentrum der faszinierenden Darstellung steht der Zeitraum vom Beginn des ersten Jahrtausends v. Chr. bis zur Ausbreitung des Christentums in der Spätantike. Der international renommierte Religionswissenschaftler Jörg Rüpke erzählt hier unter anderem von der Errichtung der ersten monumentalen Grabanlagen in Etrurien, von Tempelbauprojekten, von Priestern, Gläubigen und Ritualen, vom Kaiserkult und von den Versuchen Intellektueller, Religion in Wissen zu verwandeln. Er schaut, wo immer möglich, Frauen und Männern über die Schultern, die religiöse Erfahrungen in dunklen Heiligtümern oder vor Hausaltären machten, durch Gebet und Inschriften über den eigenen Tod hinaus in Erinnerung bleiben wollten oder beispielsweise nicht verstanden, warum ein neuer Gott von ihnen Verhaltensänderungen im Alltag erwartete. So eröffnet er seinen Leserinnen und Lesern das ungewöhnliche Panorama eines ebenso bedeutenden wie fremden Lebensbereichs der Antike.

The Collection Of Antiquities Of The American Academy In Rome

Author: Larissa Bonfante
Publisher: University of Michigan Press
ISBN: 9780472119899
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The foundation of the American Academy in Rome dates back more than one hundred years to the early decades of the last century. Over the years, the Academy has acquired a study collection of material goods from antiquity, including coins, statues and figurines, lamps, stucco and other architectural fragments, jewelry, and inscriptions. While most are Roman in origin, some pieces are Greek or Etruscan. Some were gifts, others come from long-ago excavations, a few were bought. The Collection of Antiquities of the American Academy in Rome, the latest addition to the Supplements to the Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome series, focuses on highlights of the collection.


Author: Massimo Mastrogregori
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN: 9783110408065
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Die Bibliographie verzeichnet jährlich die bedeutendsten Neuerscheinungen geschichtswissenschaftlicher Monographien und Zeitschriftenartikel weltweit, die inhaltlich von der Vor- und Frühgeschichte bis zur jüngsten Vergangenheit reichen. Innerhalb der systematischen Gliederung nach Zeitalter, Region oder historischer Disziplin sind die Werke nach Autorennamen oder charakteristischem Titelhauptwort aufgelistet.


Author: Nancy Thompson de Grummond
Publisher: University of Texas Press
ISBN: 9781477308431
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The Etruscan city of Caere and eleven other Etruscan city-states were among the first urban centers in ancient Italy. Roman descriptions of Etruscan cities highlight their wealth, beauty, and formidable defenses. Although Caere left little written historical record outside of funerary inscriptions, its complex story can be deciphered by analyzing surviving material culture, including architecture, tomb paintings, temples, sanctuaries, and materials such as terracotta, bronze, gold, and amber found in Etruscan crafts. Studying Caere provides valuable insight not only into Etruscan history and culture but more broadly into urbanism and the development of urban centers across ancient Italy. Comprehensive in scope, Caere is the first English-language book dedicated to the study of its eponymous city. Collecting the work of an international team of scholars, it features chapters on a wide range of topics, such as Caere’s formation and history, economy, foreign relations, trade networks, art, funerary traditions, built environment, religion, daily life, and rediscovery. Extensively illustrated throughout, Caere presents new perspectives on and analysis of not just Etruscan civilization but also the city’s role in the wider pan-Mediterranean basin.