Composite Diaphragm Inflation

Author: John Christopher Selby
Publisher: ProQuest
ISBN: 0549345930
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Normal human epidermal keratinocytes (NHEKs), like most all nucleated human cells, possess a filamentous cytoskeleton, composed of actin microfilaments (MFs), microtubules (MTs), and intermediate filaments (IFs). Distinct from connective tissues cells like the dermal fibroblast, however, keratinocytes in vivo are organized as a multicellular epithelium. In the absence of extracellular matrix for mechanical support, keratinocytes express specialized cell-cell anchoring junctions that interconnect MFs and IFs within adjacent cells in the formation of a mesoscopic network cytoarchitecture. Despite advances in our understanding of the proteins that regulate cytoskeletal filament and anchoring junction assembly, the biophysical mechanisms by which these structures provide the epidermis an innate mechanical resilience are, at present, not fully understood.

Mechanobiology Of Cell Cell And Cell Matrix Interactions

Author: A. Wagoner Johnson
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1441980830
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Mechanobiology of Cell-Matrix Interactions focuses on characterization and modeling of interactions between cells and their local extracellular environment, exploring how these interactions may mediate cell behavior. Studies of cell-matrix interactions rely on integrating engineering, (molecular and cellular) biology, and imaging disciplines. Recent advances in the field have begun to unravel our understanding of how cells gather information from their surrounding environment, and how they interrogate such information during the cell fate decision making process. Topics include adhesive and integrin-ligand interactions; extracellular influences on cell biology and behavior; cooperative mechanisms of cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions; the mechanobiology of pathological processes; (multi-scale) modeling approaches to describe the complexity or cell-matrix interactions; and quantitative methods required for such experimental and modeling studies.

Lung Mechanics

Author: Jason H. T. Bates
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521509602
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A modern quantitative study of lung mechanics, relating mathematical modeling and engineering principles to lung function, structure, mechanics, and disease.

Craig S Soil Mechanics Seventh Edition

Author: R.F. Craig
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 0415327024
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This seventh edition of Soil Mechanics, widely praised for its clarity, depth of explanation and extensive coverage, presents the fundamental principles of soil mechanics and illustrates how they are applied in practical situations. Worked examples throughout the book reinforce the explanations and a range of problems for the reader to solve provide further learning opportunities.