Charter Of The United Nations And The Statute Of International Court Of Justice

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The Charter is of seminal importance to understand the U.N. and its agencies. It is a bold step towards making the world a family of Nations, an attempt to ensure that wars do not scourge the world, an endeavour to make this world peaceful, cooperative and worth living. The book gives in brief the historical background of the U.N. Charter. It also presents how the Court is constituted and functions. The text introduces to the readers those distinguished Indians who sat as judges in the Court. In its present form, the text is useful to students of Political Science, International Organisation and of Law. It will be of great help to all candidates appearing for Civil Service examinations conducted by U.P.S.C. and State Public Service Commissions.

The Statute Of The International Court Of Justice

Author: Andreas Zimmermann
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The International Court of Justice is the principal judicial organ of the United Nations and plays a central role in both the peaceful settlement of international disputes and the development of international law. This comprehensive Commentary on the Statute of the International Court of Justice, now in its second edition, analyses in detail not only the Statute of the Court itself but also the related provisions of the United Nations Charter as well as the relevant provisions of the Court's Rules of Procedure. Five years after the first edition was published, the second edition of the Commentary embraces current events before the International Court of Justice as well as before other courts and tribunals relevant for the interpretation and application of its Statute. The Commentary provides a comprehensive overview and analysis of all legal questions and issues the Court has had to address in the past and will have to address in the future. It illuminates the central issues of procedure and substance that the Court and counsel appearing before it face in their day-to-day work. In addition to commentary covering all of the articles of the Statute of the ICJ, plus the relevant articles of the Charter of the United Nations, the book includes three scene-setting chapters: Historical Introduction, General Principles of Procedural Law, and Discontinuation and Withdrawal. The second edition of the Commentary adds two important and instructive chapters on Counter-Claims and Evidentiary Issues. The combination of expert editors and commentators, and their assessment of new developments in the important work of the ICJ, make this a landmark publication in the field of international law.