Beginner S Guide To Wealth

Author: James Whittaker
ISBN: 9781458795069
Size: 11.86 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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The perfect Christmas gift for a young person. In this new book co-authored with son James Whittaker Noel teaches young people how to get going, how to increase their income and how to invest their money.

How To Quit Your Job With Passive Income

Author: Dustin Heiner
Publisher: Triune Books
ISBN: 0997515554
Size: 14.75 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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In today's world, we all are expected to live our lives working for someone else. Working 40+ hours a week at a job you hate, for a boss that is horrible, and wasting your life away for a paycheck. But there is a book that will help you escape the rat race of life and ditch the cubical, assembly line, or dead end job. How to Quit Your Job with Passive Income has been proven to help many people learn the secrets of passive income that only those who are already rich know. This book has been designed to help guide you through the process of being an employee earning a wage, to a business owner with multiple streams of passive income. This book is for people who suffer day-in and day-out in their J.O.B. (Just Over Broke). The passive income ideas in this book you are about to read have been proven to produce long-lasting results. I have already quit my job and you can too! All you have to do to make money with passive income is to keep reading. Each chapter will give new insight as you strive to build your passive income businesses. Get ready for a lifetime of passive income where you have enough money to do the things you want to do without being dependent on anyone for a J.O.B.

Beginner S Guide To Building Wealth Buying Houses

Author: John A. Michailidis
Publisher: Gulf Coast Asset Services
ISBN: 9780978819095
Size: 10.27 MB
Format: PDF
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Trading in the ?daily grind? and living a life of financial independence is simpler to do than you might think. With this new model for real estate investing success, you will transform the way you think about investing and you will set your course towards financial independence. Finally, you will have the time, money, and peace of mind to leave the ?rat-race? behind and live the life you have always dreamed of living. This is the last real estate investing book you will ever need!You will discover how to:Turn inexpensive houses into ?virtual money-machines? that consistently churn out returns of over 400%!Start with a small nest-egg and parlay it into several hundred thousand dollars of equity in as little as 24 months ? part time!Completely avoid the risks and hassles of landlording!Generate large up-front payments from your tenants that you can use to purchase even more properties!Negotiate leases where your tenants willingly accept the majority of responsibility for upkeep and repairs!Build competition amongst prospective tenants and have them clamoring to pay you above market rents!Comes complete with forms, checklists, and a comprehensive list of resources ? all that you need to build a personal wealth creation action-plan!

Investments The Easy Guide To Building Wealth With Agricultural Business For Beginners

Author: Alex Nkenchor Uwajeh
Publisher: Alex Nkenchor Uwajeh
Size: 11.80 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
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No matter what your plan is for your agribusiness, the key to your success lies in creating a strong foundation that will support your business into the future. Creating a profitable agricultural business not only builds wealth for you and your family. It also has the potential to build wealth for the surrounding community. If you’re ready to leave the corporate rat-race and take the leap into being your own boss, agribusiness is an excellent option. Of course, there is some work and risk involved in getting started, but the rewards can certainly outweigh the risks.